Java While Loops

Java While Loops

  • In programming languages, loops are used to execute a particular statement/set of instructions again and again.
  • The execution of the loop starts when some conditions become true.
  • For example, print 1 to 1000, print multiplication table of 7, etc.
  • Loops make it easy for us to tell the computer that a given set of instructions need to be executed repeatedly.

Types of Loops :

Primarily, there are three types of loops in Java:

  1. While loop
  2. do-while loop
  3. for loop

Let’s look into these, one by one.

While loops :

  • The while loop in Java is used when we need to execute a block of code again and again based on a given boolean condition.
  • Use a while loop if the exact number of iterations is not known.
  • If the condition never becomes false, the while loop keeps getting executed. Such a loop is known as an infinite loop.
while (Boolean condition)


            // Statements    -> This keeps executing as long as the condition is true.

Example : 
int i=10;  

Flow control of while loop :

While Loops

Quick Quiz: Write a program to print natural numbers from 100 to 200.



public class cwh_21_ch5_loops {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

        System.out.println("Using Loops:");
        int i = 100;
        System.out.println("Finish Running While Loop!");

//        while(true){
//            System.out.println("I am an infinite while loop!");
//        }

This is all for this tutorial, and we will discuss the do-while loop in the next tutorial.

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