OSI Security Architecture

OSI Security Architecture is an international standard. It is used to effective evaluate the security requirement of an organization and to assess and decide various security products and policies, the security responsibilities need some organized way of defining security requirement and describing the approaches to satisfy those requirement.

It is an standardized architecture which defines security requirements and specified means so that these requirement might be satisfied.

For local and wide area networks, it is difficult to implement as processing of data is centralized. OSI Security Architecture have 5 categories and 14 services.

OSI Security Architecture mainly focuses on

OSI Security Architecture
  1. Security Attack

Serval action which deals with the security of information maintained by an organization.

It is an attack in which security system is compromised by some action of perpetrator. Security Attacks may be active attack or passive attack.

2. Security Mechanism

A mechanism that is intended to identify, prevent, or actions perform to recover from security attack.

3. Security Service

A service that improves data processing system’s security and transferring of information of an organization. These services use one or more security mechanism to deliver the precise service.

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